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Scissors removed from man's stomach after 18 years

A man in Vietnam had a pair of surgical scissors removed from his stomach, after they were left there during an operations 18-year-ago. .

When you hear that a thing like this happened, and that the person in trouble is now recovering well, after nearly two decades of living with metal scissors inside of them, don’t you think that it is not possible? Think about it, in twenty years, not a single scan, metal detector, airport? It sounds unbelievable.

However, cases like this one are more than common. And not only scissors, doctors left all sorts of things inside their patients – mirrors, tweezers, gloves, tubes, who-knows-what-else.

The six-inch scissors were discovered 18 years after the surgery he underwent after a car accident. They were ‘stuck’ next to his colon, which could be fatal if not ‘discovered on time.’


They were removed after a three-hour surgery, and the man is recovering well.