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Freddy: Officially the biggest dog in the world

Freddy the Great Dane has officially been declared the world's largest dog by the Guinness World Records.

I bet it is really weird for this dog to be part of the pack. If I were such a big canine, I am not sure I would be happy, he just looks weird. Plus, doggie eyes are not helping either.

The world’s biggest dog, Freddy, a beautiful Great Dane, just made it to the Guiness Book of Records! Freddy is eight feet tall and weighs 196 pounds. He’s owner (it can realistically be referred to as ‘he’), Claire Stoneman, said she had no idea her pet will grow so much. She said, "Yeah, when he was a puppy he was the runt of the litter. I actually got him a couple of weeks early because he wasn't feeding off mum so he was pretty poorly.”

Freddy can effortless open any drawer and find his treats. Maybe even hang the curtains, who knows where his potential ends, right?