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Korean air will 'use more force' with unruly passengers

Korean air crew will be allowed to use stun guns to stop violent passengers in their tracks. .

“We have decided to improve our conditions and procedure on using Taser guns to cope with violent acts and disturbances on board in a fast and efficient manner,” says the statement from Korean Air Lines. Its crew is now allowed to use stun guns to pacify violent passengers in a “fast and efficient manner.”

It was decided that the measures need to be strict and more aggressive after the South Korean airline came under a fire for handling and onboard incident. So now, real teasers are allowed onboard when operated by the crew, and some more changes are going to happen. They also plan to hire more mail flight attendants, boost the training and even ban people with the history of violent behavior.

Korean Air President, Chi chang-hoon, said, “While US carriers have taken stern action on violent on-board behavior following the terrorist attacks of September 11 [2001], Asian carriers including us have not imposed tough standards because of Asian culture. We will use the latest incident to put safety foremost and strengthen our safety standards.”