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A Florida woman fights to keep her pet alligator

A Florida woman is being allowed to keep her 6-foot-long pet alligator at home following a fight with state wildlife officials.

While the lady must be absolutely thrilled now she gets to keep her pet, let’s think about all the cons of keeping a wild animal in your house.

First of all, they are gigantic in size. Some can reach 20 feet in length and one ton I weight. They wouldn’t even be able to stretch in an average bedroom. If we rule out the big ones, there are still dwarf caimans, the smallest members of the same order. However, not even this kind is an option for a house care.

Even if we admitted that owning this ancient creature reminiscent of dinosaurs can be exciting, it’s way too complicated if you are not a reptile expert. They have large rooms dedicated to housing them, and have experience. So, this is not a game.

Then, there is the strongest bite in the animal kingdom. It belongs to a crocodilian. They are easily agitated, and they stress out a lot. They are highly intelligent also, so you can train them to make the feeding easier.

However, why would you keep an alligator?