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Where do we go now? Police dismantle Calais 'Jungle'

French demolition teams have started to dismantle the infamous refugee camp, known as the 'Jungle' in Calais. Reports say police fired teargas at about 150 people and activists who threw stones, and at least three shelters were on fire.

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The Jungle, the Calais migrant camp, is about to get dismantled. The action which started earlier will leave many without a roof over their heads.

Migrants were told their only option is to move out once the police formed the line with vans, surrounding the Jungle.

Reports say that even tear gas was used against the people who threw stones at police. A representative for the Help Refugees charity stated that police blocked the entrance to the camp, which was home to more than 4,000 people.

Some were bewildered and scared as they saw teams tear down tents and shacks where they used to live. French authorities want to relocate migrants form the location for hygienic reason. The camp is rat-infested with poor hygiene overall. The problem is the camp is located near the center of the capital.

Campaigners called for a delay in order to find suitable place for the migrant to live.


According to state authorities, 1,000 people will be affected, however, other organizations, such as Save the Children, state that the number is much higher.