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Prostitutes having a hard time finding clients

The Gran Vía in Madrid is almost the heart of the Spanish capital. Not a place where you'd expect to find prostitutes all day long. But it has become harder and harder for them to preform their jobs.

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What is the price of a woman’s body today? You may not feel that, but women who earn their living and bread by selling their bodies now charge 15, 10 or even 5 euros per customer.

The Gran Via in Madrid is somewhat a city’s heart, and you can still see many women looking for customers and working day and night. However, now that fines for prostitution and buying services are very high, women have hard time finding customers so they could survive.

Some of the people you can see in the video are giving some very reasonable suggestions, like making prostitution legal in Spain and allocating ladies of the night to another location in the city.

This so-called job is as old as the time. There is absolutely no way to prevent women from working and men from buying. Therefore, if it was legal and if everybody paid their taxes, wouldn’t it be the perfect solution?

Yes, but countries do not take pride in making it legal. Discouraged by the high fines, men are avoiding the fun with prostitutes, making it even harder for them to make a living and for some – to raise families.