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Bolivia's hangover squad: Recover with... RAW fish?

Bolivia's local 'hangover squad' delivers raw fish to hangover customers suffering after a long night drinking. Yes, RAW fish.

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Some will go opt for tomato juice and raw eggs, like they do in the USA. Give your body the vitamin boost it so desperately needs with a tall glass of tomato juice - and add a couple of raw eggs for that protein punch. Spice things up with a dash of Worcestershire sauce and a pinch of black pepper and this quick American hangover cure will knock your socks off and get you feeling tip-top, if you can hold it down long enough.

However, some, like people in Netherlands, will just keep going. Yes. Getting back on it is a popular way of getting over last night's over-indulgence. While the idea of drinking again may be enough to make your stomach churn, the so-called 'hair of the dog' involves a half or two of beer that may just temporarily ease your suffering. Be warned though: too much of the same as the night before and the hairy dog will come back.