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Acid attack victim determined to be independent woman

Meet Ritu, she is one of more than 1000 women in India that suffer acid attacks every year. Determine not to let the odds beat her she runs a cafe with fellow survivors.

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A café based in Agra, very close to the Taj Mahal, is a sacred place for acid attack victims. With the help of NGO Chaanv Foundation and supporters of the Stop Acid Attacks network, women who were victims of vicious acid attacks now have a place of their own.

There are four women currently working there, trying every day to turn their life and their destiny. One of them, Rupa, was acid attacked by her step mother when she was 15. Her face was melted and her lip was disfigured. It ruined her dreams and future, as nobody wants to be near those women and their faces. However, she is now a clothing designer. Her boutique is a part of the café.

The girl you can see in the video, Ritu, was acid attacked in family property dispute when she was 17. She lost her left eye, her nose, cheeks and necks skin was melted. She recalls that nobody came to help her.

It is just a part of Indian tradition that should be banned ASAP.

These women now live their lives, they have jobs in the café, and they decided to build themselves a future.

The café is based at the Fatehabad Road. It is visited by tourists who take time to talk with the women working there and everybody leaves with a smile.