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Blogger murdered for criticising religious extremism

An online critic of religious extremism is killed in Bangladesh. He is the fourth blogger to be killed this year.

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A blogger from Bangladesh was attacked by Islamists at his home. Niloy Chatterjee, who was going by the name Niloy Neel, promoted secularism on his blog, was killed in his home in Dhaka, according to police officer Mustafizur Rahman.

He was the fourth blogger to openly criticize religious extremism to be killed in the country in four months. Head of a network of activists and bloggers, Imran Sarker, said they are speechless and that they demand justice for the killings.

Mr. Neel had reported earlier that he fears for his life, however, his concerns weren’t followed up the authorities, as CNN reported.

He was criticizing religious extremism that caused bombing in mosques and the killing of civilians.

Neel was one of hundreds of writers who started a movement demanding the death penalty for Islamist leaders accused of human rights violation in Bangladesh in 1971, during the war of independence.

It is a very sad fact that nobody is guarding people who aim to make a change in the world. Blogging shouldn’t be considered as dangerous, if there is no sign of terrorism. The man killed was simply trying to advocate what the majority want – peace.


If the price for trying to make peace is being killed, where are we now? Are we degrading ourselves?