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Mass breastfeeding session in Manila

Hundreds of women in the Philippines campaigned for proper child nutrition through a mass breastfeeding session.

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In the peak of an outburst of hateful articles, Instagram postings and Facebook wars that has been in the center of media attention in the last few years, something rather different (and beautiful) is happening somewhere on the planet. As people keep attacking mothers for breastfeeding in public, men still walk without their tops on.

But we don’t want to get in the middle of that media based human rights violation. We are just here to present you the news. So, more than three hundred women took part in a mass breastfeeding in Manila. It was the mark of the start of World Breastfeeding Week.

Sounds crazy, yes.

The Big Latch On, as the event is called, is organized to unite women to nurse their babies for over a minute. The event was found by the New Zealand charity Women’s Health Action back in 2005. Since, it has spread globally. A participant, Cheryl Chan, said that she joined the campaign in a bid to empower women and become a role model for other women.

World Breastfeeding Week has a single goal to promote breastfeeding and offer nutritional information. It also aims to challenge barriers by society.


The event is now an annual festival which starts in August.