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Jude Law visits the Calais "Jungle" camp

Jude Law has visited the Calais Jungle Camp, as the French government look to move nearly 1000 people from the site. .

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It is very nice when you see that someone is using his fame and social media authority for a good cause. We are always there to spread the word.

Actor Jude Law, among other British celebrities, visited the jungle in Calais, a refugee camp, on Sunday, February 21, promoting the cause of the people who live in camps. Law talked to 200 migrants at the camp’s Good Chance Theatre.

He read a letter by Lion Feuchtwanger, a German and Jewish author, to Nazis in 1035, when they were occupying his home.

Here’s a short excerpt, "How do you like my house? Do you find it pleasant to live in? Did the carpets suffer while the SS men were looting?"


The performance was part of the show titles Letters Live, where people read letters relevant to the stories of the camp’s residents. Toby Jones and Tom Stoppard were also at the camp.