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How to International Christmas Cooking: Mandazi

In this episode of how to International Christmas cooking, learn how to create the delicious Kenyan treat known as Mandazi, a coconut doughnut that will sure to please any dessert lover.ProcedureAdd the margarine to the flour for soft mandazisMix thoroughly with the flourAdd sugar and cardamom powder then mix thoroughlyWhisk eggs and milk in a separate containerMake a well at the centre of the flourAdd the mixture of eggs and milk into the wellMix with the flourKnead the dough thorough for 4-5 minutesCover with a clean piece of cloth for 15 minutesRoll the dough to a ½ cm thicknessCut it into small piecesRoll and flatten slightlyAdd the cooking oil into a pan and heat itPut the rolled dough into the frying panFry until they become golden brown in colorPlace them on kitchen paper to absorb the excess oilMake a small cut at the centre and stuff them with the whipped creamDrizzle with melted chocolate

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