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How to International Christmas Cooking: Pastry Ragout

In this episode of how to international Christmas cooking, learn how to create the Dutch Christmas favorite: puff pastry ragout, all in under 60 seconds.Dutch RagoutIngrediënts:Butter (50 gram)Flower (60 gram)Chicken broth (half a liter)PepperSaltHandfull of ParsleyMushrooms (250 gram)Chicken meat (250 gram)1 Onion4 spoons of Cooking cream2 clove of garlic8 pasteitjes (in English: Patties?!)1. Make the broth2. Cut chicken, mushrooms, onion and garlic3. Melt the butter4. Bake the onion and garlic5. Add the meat6. Add mushrooms7. Cook until it's done8. On low fire add the flower, stir with a spoon8. Slowly add the broth, keep stirring with a spoon!9. Put on low fire for at least 20 minutes10. Add parsley and cream11. Put the ragout in the patties and add some parsley for decoration

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