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Cornwall bakers produce amazing cake-making cake

A bakery in Cornwall has produced the world's first cake-making cake in aid of Wallace and Gromit's Grand Appeal.

The world’s first cake-making cake has been made by Penzance bakers, and it was inspired by the Wallis and Gromit animations.

Peboryion cake studio team, who gained global fame last year for their gravity-defying wedding cake and of course, a life-size Yoda, has moved a step forward over the weekend at Cake International in Birmingham. That is actually the largest sugar craft show in the world.

They were helped by Bristol Children’s Hospital charity – The Grand Appeal and Aardman, to make the world’s first cake-baking cake.

The goal of the project was to make a cake with the claymation pair making hundreds of little cakes. This sweet masterpiece includes several mobile parts, there is an arm which rotates the mixing bowl, the conveyer that moves cakes through the cooker and a pair of oven mitts when the cake is done.