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Presidential cognac collection: How does Trump taste?

A Dutch collector is selling his impressive 200 year old cognac collection labeled “The Presidential Collection”. Each of the 39 bottle represents an American president. Would you want to sip on Trump?

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Many of the bottles are of a rarity appropriate to a museum collection or the liquid library of the Cognac houses themselves. In fact, the owner has been frequently approached by Cognac producers who want to buy back historic bottles they no longer possess. Mr. van der Bunt has preferred to keep the collection together, with its unique offering of almost 200 years of American history.

This amazing collection offers rare Cognacs from famous houses like Courvoisier 1884, Marnier-Lapostolle 1865, Otard Dupuy 1865, Bisquit Dubouché 1858, Pierre Chabanneau 1850, Meukow 1842, AE Dor 1840 and also one extremely rare bottle of 1789 Grand Champagne Cognac from an unknown producer. This Cognac was produced when the French Revolution began and George Washington was the President of the United States.

Never before has such a collection of historic Cognac and Armagnac been offered for sale. The successful bidder will be able to experience more than 175 years of liquid political history at leisure—an open bottle of Cognac or Armagnac has almost infinite life.