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How to: St Patrick's Day green beer cake

How about Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with this delicious green beer cake.

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And while we are preparing for the feast on St. Patrick’s Day, we need to remember not to go nuts on everything green – green ketchup, iconic green beer and green cakes are everywhere.

As we are seeing more and more organic produce and organic food coloring, unfortunately, the most commonly used dye in green beer is synthetic dye called Fast Green FCF.

It is permitted in the U.S. and Canada, however, the European Union banned it over concerns about its carcinogenic potential.

Only a few drops of the dye are enough to make a whole pint of beer green. However, since we are not using that much green food coloring in our diets, having a beer or two on the St. Patrick’s wouldn’t do any harm to your health.

The color is quickly absorbed by the body, and if you happen to over consume, the worst that could happen is a little diarrhea. The biggest concern here is definitely the number of beers you would have.


And a fun fact: binge drinking is defined as four or more for women, and five or more for men over two hours.