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Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik get loved up for Vogue US

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik get all loved up in their first photo shoot together, for US Vogue magazine, proving to the world that they could become the next celebrity power couple.

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What do you do when your girl is an Angel, but to cast her famously in your video? If you were Zayn Malik, that could happen. Gigi Hadid was cast as his leading lady for the first debut single Pollowtalk.

In May’s edition of Vogue, the couple shared their first joint photo series, showing off their blossoming relationship. The supermodel and the solo artist are also caught in Naples during relaxing break, and were caught on camera by a famous photographer, Mario Testino.

Zayn is the perfect gentleman to 20-year-old Gigi with one photo showing him pulling her close while she cups the back of his head as they pose on a balcony with the city visible in the background. So fab.

The newest recruit to the Victoria's Secret nest is suitably styled for the power pair's shoot and it's clear the on-set stylist was keen to make them look the part.