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Milan Fashion Week: Richmond Fall/Winter Collection

During the Milan Fashion Week John Richmond presented his Fall/Winter Collection for 2016/2017.

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John Richmond is a talented designer who made leather jackets. That’s him. People mostly know him for the wonderful jackets he makes.

He has done them, and he has been redesigning them, along with fitted pool pea-coats, fur collars, and much more.

His style is very street-smart, sexy, sophisticated and has the attention of Madonna, Mick Jagger, and Annie Lennox.

Some of his most successful slogans are "Diamond Dog", "Eat Cake" and "Destroy, Disorientate, and Disorder". He loves youth but everything has to be in a well-dressed manner. You are nothing if you are not sophisticated.

If you think you are the child at heart, if you have economic freedom and enjoy a rather ironic sense of humor, you should wear Richmond.


Also, if you want child to have a killer bad-ass style at school, dress him in Richmond.