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Anna Ewers beats Gigi Hadid for Model of the Year

The 22-year-old surprised many as she was crowned model of the year by, beating crowd favorites.

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Women who have their enormous social media following are definitely Victoria’s Angels, especially Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. However, they were frontrunners for the Model of the Year title.

Unfortunately, both have lost out to a surprising competitor, Vogue cover girl and Alexander Wang muse, Ana Ewers, who is 22. annual gala was held where industry experts, stylists, editors and photographers named Anna as their top model. Gigi was a runner-up, and Kendall came in second place.

 According to, the winner of the Model of the Year Crown was 'The singular face that defined the year as a whole with ubiquitous industry demand and presence.' 

Anna was first discovered by Alexander Wang who saw her photo on a blog. Since, she has appeared on the cover of international Vogue editions nine times, and four only this year.