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Selena gets fans excited for tour with topless photo

Selena Gomez has been teasing her fans for weeks for her upcoming Revival tour. Judging by her photos it might get very hot.

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 Selena Gomez has never looked hotter than in a new Instagram photo where her sexy topless body is literally glistening. She looks so happy and she has every reason to be – her brand new Revival tour kicks off on May 6 and she’ll be spending the summer with her fans.

She captioned the sexy black and white photo, “Behind the scenes [email protected] /tour content” which shows her laying back with her arms covering her topless body and she has the biggest grin in the world on her face. She appears to be covered in body glitter of some type because her skin is absolutely shimmering.

She is surrounded by glowing candles which gives the photo an even sexier vibe.