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Iggy Azalea wants fans to know she is NOT single

Iggy Azalea took to social media to set the record straight, as she let her twitter followers know, some of the recent break-up rumors are just not true.

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Iggy Azalea really wants to talk about her team. But not the team consisting of her and her fiancé, Nick Young — her new single titled "Team." And that's it.

Azalea took to Twitter on April 18 to share the current state of her relationship. She revealed that she is still with Young, despite the previous rumors and drama. She also said that everyone should stop asking her about her private life so much, and just focus on her new music. 

That seems like a fair point for a singer to make when facing lots of press around her personal life. But this "leave me alone" attitude is a far cry from her previous interview responses on the subject.  Most of the time, it seems that Azalea wants to talk about personal things. 


Saying that you want to cut off half of your partner's penis if he cheats, and that you are focusing on wedding plans, is pretty distracting from your music. In future interviews, since the topic of Young will inevitably come up, Azalea should practice ways to nip those conversation topics in the bud.