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Hailey Baldwin plans to continue the family tradition

Hailey Baldwin recently posed for Vogue Brazil and revealed she plans on pursuing the same career as her famous family.

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If there's one It girl whose name you need to know, it has to be Hailey Baldwin. Aside from being the beautiful offspring of Stephen, a close friend to both the Jenners and the Hadids, and a very close friend to Justin Bieber, she's already appeared in the pages of Vogue, fronted major campaigns, and really wowed everyone at the Met Gala.

The 19-year-old star talked to E! News about her future careers and suggested that she would be open to following in her family's footsteps, "I feel like it's something that if it was the right role and I felt like I was prepared for it and I felt like I could do it confidently then I would do it.”

Although she has some stage experience, Hailey isn't quick to jump into that part of Hollywood because she hasn't had enough legitimate training.

She said, "Acting is not something I've necessarily studied very intensely. I did a lot of theater as a kid and I danced ballet for 12 years, but I definitely think it would be unfortunate for nobody in our family to carry it on."