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Cash inWednesday: top three celebs with money problems

Cash in Wednesday dives into the world of finance and celebrities and how the stars of Tinseltown cope with their money. This week sees three top celebs that appear to be broke.

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Living lavish lives can be tough. However, making bad investments is even worse. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have gone through living hell decorating their new home. A source told that just making changes to the pool was nightmare.

Apparently, that pools means a lot to them, according to the source, “Kim and Kanye spent millions on design changes on that pool at their Beverly Hills home.”

“After the pool was custom built to their specifications, Kim came in and requested several changes. She did not like anything she had picked out and so she had the tile changed, the deck, the shape, everything redone.” 

And this doesn’t end here. Then Kanye came and did everything again.

The source continues, “Between the two of them they made so many changes that the cost of the pool skyrocketed to almost double what it should have cost. They easily spent a couple million on that pool due to the changes.”

If this is not their only bad investment, they won’t be lasting for much longer.