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Guess what?! Souvenirs or sex toys?

In the first episode of our Guess What?! series we as is this a souvenir or a sex toy?

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Sex toys have a very long and fertile history, and they have been with people it is believed since the very beginning. The first recovered dildo was unearthed by paleontologists and it dates to the Paleolithic era.

It was made of siltstone and perfectly polished. However, the debate about whether its primary purpose was for pleasure or for religious ceremonies is still raging. They were mostly found with other common objects found in someone’s personal belongings, such as combs and sewing needles.

Then there were Greeks and Romans who took a giant leap forward. They worshiped many gods and among them Dionysus, dog of wine and fertility. They celebrated the sex god on parades with giant phalluses raised up.

At the end of fertility parade, a maiden would come forth and put a wreath of flowers on the phallus.