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Matthew McConaughey: Just keep livin' for humanity

Matthew Mcconaughey and Morgan Freeman were among the A-listers to receive an award at Variety's unite4:humanity presented by Karma event, and revealed what he would like to change in the world.

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Unite4:Good and Variety’s third annual Unite4:Humanity event was held on Thursday, presented by Karma Automotive. De Facto motto of the star-studded gala is “Celebrating Hollywood’s passion for social goods”.

Celebrities such as Morgan Freeman, Olivia Wilde, Matthew McConaughey, Gina Rodriguez, and Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller, were all honored for their humanitarian efforts in the United States and abroad.

All the funds from the benefit will go to the DoMore4:Good organization, which makes creative programs involving volunteers, and advocates a sustained local community.

Adam Pally was entertaining the guests, teasing them, “I’ll try to move at a rapid clip. Nobody wants to be at a charity event for longer than they have to.”

Which is definitely true, but some real cuties were there, so there is a reason to wish for the night to never end.

Wilmer Valderrama presented the first honor of the night to Golden Globe-winning “Jane the Virgin” star Rodriguez. Rodriguez received the Young Humanitarian Award for her effortsin We Will Foundation.

She said, “Among the many emotions of pride I also can’t help but feel I shouldn’t be accepting this award. I grew up in the ‘hood of Chicago. We didn’t have much, but that didn’t stop my parents for doing everything they could to provide for their kids. They set the trend — they taught me that being good was a standard that doesn’t need praise or recognition. This isn’t an award that we work toward. This is me — this is my heart. This is a reminder that the world I want to live in is one of service.”