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David Bowie: Five moments to remember

David Bowie, who passed away at the age of 69 Monday, left a legacy behind. The Artist had an incredible career that was filled with amazing moments. These are just five of those moments.

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While the whole world, especially those lived through the years of rock and roll and pop music, is mourning after the beloved David Bowie, we are adding five more golden iconic moments none of us should forget.

R.I.P. David!

Let’s Dance! Is one of the biggest albums ever made... It came right after he embraced mainstream in 1983. By many, this album is the last flourish of David’s peak period. ‘Put on your red shoes and dance the blues,’ said Bowie.

Ashes to Ashes

This is the first single from David’s 1980 album ‘Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)’, which is a sequel to ‘Space Oddity’, that David called his epitaph for the 1970s.


Once he was exhausted by too much work and cocaine, he found a place in West Berlin in 1976 and produced three of his most remarkable albums – Low, Heroes and Lodger. They were all electronic experiment with Cold War anxiety made into the new sound of the era. And yes, we lied about five new moments to remember, because there would be no David Bowie tribute without Heroes. So we are repeating this one.

Young Americans

Young Americans features a roster of funk and soul, produced by Tony Visconti. This album was a completely different sound. It also featured Fame – co-written by John Lennon.

Space Oddity

Released in 1969, it also marked the year of the first moon landing. It is still beautiful and quite melancholic story about astronaut Major Tom. It was embraced by the real-life astronauts.