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Ouch! Gigi crops out boyfriend Zayn's ex from Instagram

The model recently shared a snap of rumored boyfriend Zayn Malik, but left out an important part of the photo.

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Somehow, we are already used to finishing relationship that used to matter to us by deleting them on Facebook, stop following them on Twitter and Instagram. It is just the new way of showing that one era of our lives is over.

We don’t even have to share the news that we are no longer in a loving relationship we were in 10 days ago, we just delete them from all the virtual lives we have online. Sometimes, we even get angry when we are the ones being deleted.

But this particular situation is slightly different. Gigi Hadid, one of the world’s most wanted supermodels, is rumored to be in a relationship with Zayn Malik. He is the one that seemed to be we every single pretty girl in the world. Or that’s the whole One Direction band?

However, Gigi took to Instagram to share a photo of Zayn, but also shared her stance on his ex-lover who is actually always with him – on his arm in a form of a very wrong tattoo.

Gigi, a perfect little lady, didn’t want to share a picture of herself and her new bae with his ex on it, of course. So she cropped the photo, i.e. his arm.


This is a bit passive-aggressive, but then you think – some girls would want him to cut his hand. Gigi took it OK, she only cropped the arm, but he still gets to keep it.