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Kings of Leon urge Americans to vote in the U.S. elections

Jared and Caleb from Kings of Leon urge fellow U.S. citizens to vote in the upcoming elections - speaking at the MTV EMAs 2016 in Rotterdam. .

T was just in September then Kings Of Leon have admitted they’re in despair over choosing who to vote for in the forthcoming US Presidential election.

Singer Caleb Followill said that he doesn’t want to choose between Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton or Republican rival Donald Trump.

In the new NME, Followill said, “The race is a fucking trainwreck. Everything that’s happening in America is a trainwreck, but anything that’s happening right now in terms of politics is kinda scary.”

We agree, however, there is a smart saying – if you do not vote, you don’t get to criticize after…

It is not about being political but only being aware that you can actually help your country.