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Celebs slam Kim Kardashian's nude photo

Kim Kardashian surprised many of her fans as she posted a nude selfie to social media, however some celebrities were even more surprised as they were quick to slam the reality star's snap.

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Kim Kardashian West finally shredded some of the baby weight and is trying her best to get acknowledged for it. So she took to Instagram to post a nude selfie, once again, and break the Internet.

And she did. She was wearing nothing on the picture that caused a huge stir.

Bette Midler was among the first to mock the Queen of Instagram, along with American actress and model Chloe Grace Mortez.

However, Kim’s nude pic is hardly controversial. The woman has her body as her currency, and what she does with it, is her business, literally. She earns millions with her body. Furthermore, girls post dozens of similar selfies daily, only they don’t get paid. Kim does.

Let’s just say that in 2015, more than 60,000 naked teen selfies was removed by the Internet Watch Foundation, according to the Daily Mail.

Kim fired back after the storm and posted yet another naked selfie.