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David Bowie leaves $100m to family

The late singer David Bowie left an estate worth $100 million to his family, according to his will, having his ashes scattered in Bali.

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David Bowie, a beloved rock star who has recently died, has left an estate valued at $100 million, according to the will which has been filed in New York. Half of it will go to his widow, model Iman, along with the home in New York.

The rest will be shared between his son and daughter.

David requested that his ashes be scattered in Bali in a Buddhist ritual. The famous rock star died of cancer on January 10, aged 69.

His will was filed in a Manhattan court under Bowie’s real name, David Robert Jones. His personal assistant, Corinne Schwab, was left $2 million, and $1 million went to a former nanny, Marion Skene.

Duncan Jones and Alexandria Zahra Jones, the late star’s son and daughter, both received 25 percent of the estate, with Alexandria being given a home in upstate New York.

His will, written in 2004, states that he wanted to be cremated in Bali. However, if that is not possible or “not practical”, then the ashes could be scattered anywhere in accordance with the Buddhist tradition.

His body was cremated on January 12 in New Jersey, according to his death certificate. He didn’t want his friends and family to be there and until now, it is not known where the ashes were scattered.