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Rare cyclone hits Sardinia

A rare Mediterranean cyclone has wreaked havoc in Sardinia, as more than two months of rain hit the island in just 24 hours.

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Sardinia found itself in the middle of a chaos when a rare Mediterranean cyclone hit the island, causing two months’ worth of rain to flood it in just a day. The whole island was battered by winds and rainfall. It caused widespread damage to the island.

In the province of Nuoro, five families have been evacuated from homes in Torpe. According to Unione Sarda, the roads in the province of Cagliari were flooded.

The hydrological warning was raised to very high by the Italy’s Civil Protection. Era along the River Solanas poses a great risk of flooding according to experts. The governor of Sardinia, Francesco Pigliaru, in the light of the ongoing warnings, has flown back from Paris, France to help manage a response to the emergency.

Furthermore, in the northern city of Olbia where 19 people lost their lives in 2013 floodings, mayor Gianni Giovannelli stated that all the schools should be closed. However, all the parks in the area were closed, communal offices, cemeteries and nurseries. So far, the damage is limited to a few floods in isolated places, but the rainfall and strong winds forecast for the 24 next hours. The citizens are bracing themselves for the worst scenario.