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Stolen Picasso painting returned to France

Picasso's stolen painting La Coiffeuse (1911), is being returned to France nine months after being found in a FedEx shipment in the USA. .

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‘La Coiffeuse’, a famous painting by Pablo Picasso, was stolen 14 years ago from a museum in Paris.

The stolen masterpiece, with estimated worth of $15 million is now home. US authorities returned the painting to France on Thursday. It was found in a FedEx shipment as $37 handicraft nine months ago. The reparation ceremony was held at the French Embassy in Washington D.C.

US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement director Sarah Saldana transferred the painting over to Frederic Dore, deputy chief of mission at the French Embassy.

Saldana said the recovery and return of stolen artwork is a significant priority for ICE.

La Coiffeuse, or the Hairdresser is a painting from 1911, done in oil on canvas. It was discovered in December at the Port of Newark in a package sent from Belgium. It was described as handicraft, insured for $37.

It was bound for a climate-controlled storage facility on Long Island. It was then seized by the Customs and Border Patrol and returned to Homeland Security.

It was then identified by two experts from the museum in Paris, and the arrangements were made to return it to its rightful owner, the French government.


The homeland Security Investigations units of US customs have returned over 7,800 artworks since 2007, according a statement.