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Beyonce-inspired skyscraper being built in Australia

Yet another reason why Beyoncé rules the world: Her body is the inspiration for a skyscraper in Australia.

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Can you imagine being so powerful and good-looking (read: curvy) so that you inspire an architect to build a skyscraper according to you measures?

This actually happened to Beyoncé. The building set to be built in the next 40 months, Premier Tower, is a 68-story high, and it has Bey’s curves.

Architect Elenberg Fraser must be Beyoncé’s fan, as the building really resembles a caption from Beyoncé’s video ‘Ghost.’ The building is beautiful, elegant and will definitely be a city attraction in Melbourne. The architect says that the curves are actually the proper way to distribute the pressure and weight through the building.

Actually, we have never seen Beyoncé fall, so must got that right.

Fragrance Group, the arm of Singaporean tycoon Koh Wee Meng will be commissioning the tower. Premier Tower will be home to 660 apartments and a 160-room hotel. We have no doubts it will be spectacular.

While presenting their new projects, the architect teams tried to be serious and professional, saying they conducted a series of climate and ground researches. However, the lead architect, Fraser, simply asked whether we have seen Bey’s video for the song ‘Ghost.’ We have, and she looks amazing.

So, who runs the world? Do you have any idea? It seems like Bey is getting very close to ruling the down under. She earned it. Well done, Fraser!