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Tourists interrupt turtle reproduction season 'Arribada'

Thousands of turtles have arrived at the Ostional coastline of Costa Rica, in the annual wildlife phenomenon Arribada.

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This is not how you respect nature. I always think about people travelling the world without any clue of their footprints and effect on nature.

Tourists in Costa Rica actually disrupted the nesting of sea turtles. Apparently, these young people have no idea why the sea creatures come out of the water at the same time, so they took time to play and stress out the animals.

Hundreds of reckless tourists prevented the olive ridley turtles from nesting. The Ostional Wildlife Refuge in Guancaste was swarmed with tourists who stressed turtles who returned to the sea witout laying their eggs.

People came close to them, touched them, stood atop their nests, took picture with flash cameras, and some even put children on top of them. Turtles returning to the water without laying the eggs is only one of many negative impacts this visit has left.

Arribadas, Spanish for ‘arrival by sea’, come out to lay their eggs. The peak of the season is usually in September and October. Arribadas fell on September 6, during a weekend, the water was pleasant and people crowded the beach.

Costa Rican authorities plan to take action to make sure people can access the beach only with a licensed tour guide.